Arianna 1

Name: Arianna
Age: 20+
Height: 1.74 cm 5.8 in
Weight: 110 Kg 242 lb
Foot size : 42 (EU) 9 (US)
Profession : Student
Languages: italian, spanish, basic english
Available for: Foot fetish, soft BDSM. No explicit.

Arianna just arrived, she is new in the fetish field but already demonstrates the right amount of curiosity and enthusiasm typical of winning girls.
She is 5.8 tall and weighs 242 lb, a magnificent BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) that radiates beauty and sensuality. Her face frames two splendid blue eyes and a fleshy mouth that seems to have come out of the imagination of a Renaissance painter.
In addition to all this, Arianna has a foot size of 9, an important size that, combined with her physicality, make her a textbook dominatrix.
She is beautiful, nice, outgoing and intelligent. She is bi-curious and attracted to particular fantasies. She is open to any fetish practice that is not too vulgar or explicit.

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