Suzy and Lulu meet for the very first time because they have been requested for a lesbian domination and foot worship video. They are both a little shy because they both have been ordered to have smelly and sweaty feet. But then Lulu takes some courage and starts some action by forcing Suzy to smell her feet and high-heeled shoes. She then takes of the shoes and order Suzy to smell her feet covered in sheer stockings. She then forces her to lick her feet with and without stockings on. Suzy obeys with a very sloppy and wet foot licking. Lulu also breath directly on Suzy’s nose. At some point Suzy has enough of being dominated by Lulu and reacts. She stands up quite pissed and starts talking in her own language, Spanish, taking control. She forces Lulu to do all the things she did to her before, one by one with even more cruelty. Eventually peace returns between the two girls, and so they start a soft and sensual reciprocal foot worship.

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