Linda 1

Name: Linda
Foot size : 37 (EU) 6.5 (US)
Profession : Housewife
Languages: italian and english
Available for: Fetish, Foot fetish and soft BDSM. Topless, face sitting. No sexually explicit. 

Linda is a bored housewife with a lot of free time on her hands. Her husband is a wealthy businessman too often away from home so she is  left alone to fantasize. Which is why, when we told her about joining our site, she was immediately intrigued and, despite having no previous experience, she was immediately enthusiastic about the idea.

She clearly has an authoritarian mistress nature and the idea of subduing a man using shoes, feet and whips has really tickled her fancy. She also told us that she loves to step and crush on things. She finds the the act of getting her feet dirty by crushing on food, fruit or various substances very exciting.

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