Each month the list of available models will be published. Asking for a model that is not included in this list will involve an extra expense.
You can find the models available on the homepage

The girls 47


Age – 20+Height – 1.75 cmFoot Size – 40 (EU) 8 (US) Breast – 4° cup BLanguages spoken – Italian,

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The girls 48

Alba Zevon

Age: 30+ Foot size: 36 (EU) 6 (US) Height: 1.60 cm Languages: Italiano, English  FETISH/FOOT-FETISH: ✔LESBO FOOT-FETISH: ✔FACESITTING: ✔JOI: ✔BDSM: ✔CRIME: ✔TOPLESS: ✔NUDE: ✔FOOTJOB: ❌ Request a video Guarda i suoi video

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The girls 49

Alexis Luna

Age: 20+   Foot size:– 39 (EU) 8 (US)  Height: 1.62 cm   Languages: English  Available for: Fetish, Foot fetish, BDSM. Also explicit. 

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The girls 50

Alice Pagani

Age: 20+Foot: 37 (EU) 7 (US)Height: 1.65Language: Italian, EnglishAvailable for: Fetish, Foot fetish and BDSM Passionate about fetish and BDSM.

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Atlanta Moreno

Age: 20+Foot size: 37 (EU) 6 (US) Language: english Available for: Fetish, Foot fetish, soft BDSM. Also explicit. Linktree: https://linktr.ee/Atlantamoreno  Petite, naughty, easy

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The girls 52

Blonde Sugar (aka Candy)

Age: 20+  Foot size: 37 (EU) 6 (US) Height: 1.71 cm  Weight: 53 KgLanguages: Italian and EnglishFETISH/FOOT-FETISH: ✔LESBO FOOT-FETISH: ✔FACESITTING: ✔JOI: ✔BDSM: ✔CRIME: ✔TOPLESS: ✔NUDE: ✔FOOTJOB: ❌ “Tease” reads the tattoo on my hip

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Cloe - Dafnefetish


Height: 1.63 cmWeight: 53 KgFoot size: 36 ½ (EU) – 6  (US)Date of Birth: 20 October 1978Zodiac sign: LibraProfession: LibrarianPractices: everything

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The girls 53


Name: Daphne Age: 30 Foot: 41 (EU) 9 (US) Height: 1.63 cm Profession: Model Language: Italian, English, German Available for:

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The girls 54

Diana Zilli

Age: 40+  Foot size:– 39 (EU) 8 (US)  Height: 1.70 cm  Breast: Fourth Languages: Italian, basic english Available for: Fetish, Foot fetish, BDSM. Also explicit including

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The girls 55


Age: 20+  Foot size: 41 (EU) 9 (US)  Height: 1.72 cm  Languages: Italian, English  Social: https://linktr.ee/Ghosthardwave FETISH/FOOT-FETISH: ✔ LESBO FOOT-FETISH: ✔ FACESITTING: ✔ JOI: ✔ BDSM: ✔

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The girls 56


Age: 30+ Foot: 37 (EU) 6.5 (US) Height: 1.60 cm Language: Italian Available for: Fetish, Foot fetish and BDSM, no explicit  Eleonore is a

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Age: 30+Foot: 37 (EU) 6.5 (US)Height: 1.67 cmProfession: Balllerina, Dancer, Model, ShowgirlLanguage: Italian, Spanish, basic English FETISH/FOOT-FETISH: ✔LESBO FOOT-FETISH: ❌ (only smelling)FACESITTING: ✔JOI: ✔BDSM: ✔CRIME: ✔TOPLESS: ❌NUDE: ❌FOOTJOB: ❌

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The girls 57


Age: 40+  Foot size: 36 (EU) 5 (US) Height: 1.55 cm Languages: Spanish, basic EnglishAvailable for: Fetish, Foot fetish, BDSM. Also explicit, footjob included.

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The girls 58


Age : 26  Foot : 37 (EU) 6 (US)  Language: Spanish, French (basic), English Available for: Fetish, Foot fetish, soft

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The girls 59


Name: GraceAge: 30Foot : 37 (EU) 6,5 (US)Height: 1.61Languages: italian, spanish, fluent english FETISH/FOOT-FETISH: ✔LESBO FOOT-FETISH: ✔ FACESITTING: ✔JOI: ✔BDSM: ✔CRIME: ✔TOPLESS: ✔NUDE: ✔FOOTJOB: ✔ Passionate biker, she’s a yoga

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The girls 60


Name: IsabelaAge: 23Foot Size: 41 (EU) 9 (US)Height: 1.68Language: Italian, English, Spanish, Catalan, PortugueseAvailable for: Fetish, Foot fetish and BDSM

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The girls 61


Age: 30+Foot size: 39 (EU) 8 (US) Height: 1.65 cm Weight: 48 KgLanguages: Italian and English FETISH/FOOT-FETISH: ✔LESBO FOOT-FETISH: ✔ FACESITTING: ✔JOI: ✔BDSM: ✔CRIME: ✔TOPLESS: ✔NUDE:  ✔FOOTJOB:  ✔ Those who

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The girls 62

Ku Yugen

Age 30Foot size : 39 (EU) 7 (US)Height: 1.60Language: English and Italian FETISH/FOOT-FETISH: ✔LESBO FOOT-FETISH: ✔ FACESITTING: ✔JOI: ✔BDSM: ✔CRIME: ✔TOPLESS: ✔NUDE: ✔FOOTJOB: ✔ Singer, keyboard player, composes both melodies

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The girls 63

Lady Maat

Age: 20+   Foot size: 39 (EU) 7 (US) Height: 1.73 cm  Languages: Italian, Spanish, basic EnglishOnlyfans: http://onlyfans.com/Lady_Maat FETISH/FOOT-FETISH: ✔LESBO FOOT-FETISH: ✔FACESITTING: ✔JOI: ✔BDSM: ✔CRIME: ✔TOPLESS: ✔NUDE: ✔FOOTJOB: ❌  Sunny, transgressive, eccentric, dynamic, provocative.

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The girls 64


Age: 30+  Foot size: 39 (EU) 7 (US) Height: 1.65 cm Langiages: Italiano, Inglese scolasticoAvailable for: Fetish, Foot fetish, BDSM. Lara is a sadistic

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The girls 66

Laura Smith

Age: 30+ Foot size: 39 (EU) 8 (US) Height: 1.68 cm Languages: English  FETISH/FOOT-FETISH: ✔LESBO FOOT-FETISH: ✔FACESITTING: ✔JOI: ✔BDSM: ✔CRIME: ✔TOPLESS: ✔NUDE: ✔FOOTJOB: ✔ Request a video Watch her videos Use this form

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The girls 67


Name: Lauretta Age: 30 Foot: 39 (EU) 8 (US) Height: 1.70 cm Language: Italian, English Available for: Fetish, Foot fetish,

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The girls 68


Age: 20+ Foot size: 39 (EU) 7 (US) Height: 1.60 cm Languages: Italian, English Available for: Fetish, Foot fetish, BDSM. Also explicit including footjob.

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The girls 69


Name: Lilian Height: 1.75 cm Weight: 59 Kg Foot size: 40 (EU) 10 (US) Age: 20+Profession: university student, Foot Fetish Model and soft BdSm Available

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The girls 70

Lilli Bayle

Age: 20+  Foot size: 40 (EU) 8 (US) Height: 1.73 cm Weight:  58 KgLanguages: Italian, EnglishAvailable for: Fetish, Foot fetish, BDSM. Also Topless. I am

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The girls 71


Age: 40+ Foot size : 37 (EU) 6.5 (US) Profession : Housewife Languages: italian and english Available for: Fetish, Foot fetish and soft BDSM.

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The girls 73


Age: 40+Foot size : 38 (EU) 7 (US)Profession : TeacherLanguages: italian and english FETISH/FOOT-FETISH: ✔LESBO FOOT-FETISH: ✔FACESITTING: ✔JOI: ✔BDSM: ✔CRIME: ✔TOPLESS: ✔NUDE: ✔FOOTJOB: ❌ She is the classic teacher

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The girls 74


Name: Maggie Date of birth: September 1994 Height: 1.60 cm Weight: 57 Kg Foot size: 38.5 (EU) – 8 (US) Profession: University Student and Foot/Alternative

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The girls 75


Age– 33 (22-12-1988)  Hair color – black Eyes color – black Foot Size – 38 (EU) 7 (US)  Breast  – 84

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The girls 76


Age: 20+  Foot size: 37 (EU) 6.5 (US) Height: 1.64 cmBreast: 4° Languages: Italiano, inglese scolastico Available for: Fetish, Foot fetish, BDSM. Also explicit including footjob.

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The girls 77


Age: 20+ Foot size: 36 (EU) 5.5 (US) Height: 1.58 cm Weight: 43 KgLanguages: Italian, Spanish, Basic english  FETISH/FOOT-FETISH: ✔LESBO FOOT-FETISH: ❌ (only smelling)FACESITTING: ✔JOI: ✔BDSM: ✔CRIME: ✔TOPLESS: ❌NUDE: ❌FOOTJOB: ❌ Request

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The girls 78


Age: 28 Foot size : 39 (EU) 7 (US) Language: italiano,  inglese  Available for: Fetish, Foot fetish, soft BDSM. Also

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The girls 79

Miss Emma

Age: 20+ Foot Size: 40 (EU) 9.5 (US) Height: 1.71 cm Weight: 115 KgLanguages: Italian, Russian, English  FETISH/FOOT-FETISH: ✔LESBO FOOT-FETISH: ✔FACESITTING: ✔JOI: ✔BDSM: ✔CRIME: ✔TOPLESS: ✔NUDE: ✔FOOTJOB: ✔ Request a video Watch

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The girls 80

Miss Estigia

Age: 20+  Foot size: 36 (EU) 5 (US) Height: 1.55 cm Languages: Spanish, basic EnglishAvailable for: Fetish, Foot fetish, BDSM. Also explicit, footjob included.

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The girls 81


Age: 30+Height: 1.75 cmFoot: 42 (EU) 9 (US)Profession : ModelLanguage: italian FETISH/FOOT-FETISH: ✔LESBO FOOT-FETISH: ✔ FACESITTING: ✔JOI: ✔BDSM: ✔CRIME: ✔TOPLESS: ✔NUDE: ✔FOOTJOB: ✔ An enigmatic girl with a splendid smile and

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The girls 82

Norma Jean

Age: 30+   Foot size: 36 (EU) 5 (US)  Height: 1.60 cm  Languages: Italian, basic English FETISH/FOOT-FETISH: ✔ LESBO FOOT-FETISH: ✔ FACESITTING: ✔ JOI: ✔

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The girls 83


Name: PamelaAge: 30+Height: 1.65 cmFoot: 37,5 (EU) 7 (US)Profession: Professional wrestler, model and fetish modelLanguage: italian, russian, ukrain, basic englishAvailable

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The girls 84

Patrizia Rivalta

Age: 50+ Foot size: 36 (EU) 5 (US) Height: 1.60 cm Languages: Italian FETISH/FOOT-FETISH: ✔LESBO FOOT-FETISH: ✔ FACESITTING: ✔JOI: ✔BDSM: ✔CRIME: ✔TOPLESS: ✔NUDE: ✔FOOTJOB: ✔ Patrizia is a woman who

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The girls 85

Pincookie (aka Marika)

Age: 20+  Foot size:– 38 (EU) 7 (US) Height: 1.65 cm Breast: ThirdLanguages: Italian, basic englishFETISH/FOOT-FETISH: ✔LESBO FOOT-FETISH: ✔FACESITTING: ✔JOI: ✔BDSM: ✔CRIME: ✔TOPLESS: ✔NUDE: ✔FOOTJOB: ❌ I am 21 years old and sunny!

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The girls 86


Age: 30+  Foot size: 38 (EU) 6,5 (US) Height: 1.68 cm Languages:  Italian, basic English FETISH/FOOT-FETISH: ✔LESBO FOOT-FETISH: ✔ FACESITTING: ✔JOI: ✔BDSM: ✔CRIME: ✔TOPLESS: ✔NUDE: ❌FOOTJOB: ❌ Hi everyone 🖤 I am Redsnow ,

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The girls 87


Age: 22Foot size: 36 (EU) 6 (US) Height: 1.60Languages: italian,  basic englishPratiche: Fetish, Foot fetish e BDSM. Also explicit, soft core

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The girls 88


Age: 20+ Foot size: 37 (EU) 6 (US) Height: 1.75 cm Languages: Italian, basic English Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/serena.00 FETISH/FOOT-FETISH: ✔ LESBO FOOT-FETISH: ✔  FACESITTING: ✔

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The girls 89


Age – 20+ Height – 1.75 cm Foot Size – 40 (EU) 8 (US) Breast – 4°Languages Spoken – Italian, Scholastic

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The girls 90


Name: Stella Age: 27 Height: 1.65 cm Foot size : 36.5 (EU) 6 (US) Profession : Showgirl Languages: italian, english I’m

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The girls 91


Age: 20+ Foot size: 37 (EU) 6,5 (US) Profession: Student, Model, Social model  Languages: English, Spanish, Italian Webcam shows: Yes Website: http://www.soysusyblue.es/Twitter: @susybluexxx Clips4sale: Susy Blue’s

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The girls 92


Age: 20+ Foot size: 40 (EU) 8 (US) Height: 1.72 cm Weight: 53 KgLanguages: Italian, English, French  FETISH/FOOT-FETISH: ✔LESBO FOOT-FETISH: ✔FACESITTING: ✔JOI: ✔BDSM:

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The girls 93


Age: 26 Foot size: 37 (EU) 6,5 (US) Available for: Fetish, Foot fetish, BDSM, also explicit I am Thena, 26 years old

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The girls 94

Xena Wild

Age: 30+ Height: 1.65 cm Foot : 36,5 (EU) 6 (US) Profession : Professional wrestler/fighter, model and fetish model Language: italian and basic english  FETISH/FOOT-FETISH: ✔LESBO FOOT-FETISH: ✔FACESITTING: ✔JOI: ✔BDSM: ✔CRIME: ✔TOPLESS: ❌NUDE: ❌FOOTJOB: ❌

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The girls 95

Yelena Vera

Athletics, natural and spontaneous.  A lover of all forms of fetishism, Yelena is a bisexual MILF naturally moving into BDSM 

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The girls 96


Age: 20+Foot size: 39 (EU) 8 (US) Height: 1.56Weight: 80 KgLanguages: italian, spanish, basic english FETISH/FOOT-FETISH: ✔LESBO FOOT-FETISH: ✔FACESITTING: ✔JOI: ✔BDSM: ✔CRIME: ✔TOPLESS: ✔NUDE: ✔FOOTJOB: ✔ Little and busty (she

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  • How can I order a custom video?
    Each month we will publish the availability of all girls for customs shooting. If you want a video just write us using the contact form on the page of the girl you choose. 
  • How much does it cost?
    Write us a description of your fantasy and we’ll let you know the price. Keep in mind that  a standard video starring a girl and possibly a male actor has a different price compared to a video involving more than one girl. The cost can also increase in case of requests that go beyond the normal foot fetish (for example if you request the model in a more daring version, if you require something logistically complicated to shoot, special scenarios or equipment, etc). Anyway, the best thing to do is to contact us to see the feasibility and price.
  • When will I get my video?
    We will tell you a specific day for the shooting and the video will be delivered to you a few days later (sometimes even the day after).