We hit the jackpot and we won 7 new entries in the Dafnefetish team of girls. All, of course, at your disposal for your custom video requests.

Each of them comes from different backgrounds: Some are already familiar faces in the fetish scene, others are pro models or dancers up to the unsuspected girl next door. And each of them has different characteristics, abilities and limits. The best thing to get an idea is to go and see the personal profile of each of them.

In addition to this we tried to optimize the management of requests and the subsequent organization of the shooting with the chosen girl. On the home of our site you can find the availability of the various girls from week to week. To request a video just choose your favorite girl from those available and you will also know exactly the day the video it will be shot.

If, on the other hand, your favorite girl is not present in the list then it will just be a matter of patience and continuing visiting the site periodically, we work with all the girls and, sooner or later, it will also be the turn of your chosen one.


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