Video stores

In the following links you can find our videos for sale in various platforms:

Let’s start by saying that the cheapest price you can get for a video is by contacting us directly. You can find the list of our videos in the following stores.


These are members-only areas with a monthly subscription that will give you access to videos and photos in weekly rotation:

  • Loyalfans: Our main members area only with thousands of photos updated daily and more than 30 videos in monthly rotation
  • Onlyfans: Similar to Loyalfans but cheaper and with fewer videos and photos available

Custom videos

A custom video is a video shot and performed by our actors/actresses based on your very personal fantasy

  • How can I order a custom video?
    Each month we will publish the availability of all girls for customs shooting. If you want a video just write us using the contact form on the page of the chosen girl. 
  • How much does it cost?
    Write us a description of your fantasy and we’ll let you know the price. A standard video of simple foot fetish with the duration of around 15 minutes costs 50€. Keep in mind that  a standard video starring a girl and possibly a male actor has a different price compared to a video involving more than one girl. The cost can also increase in case of requests that go beyond the normal foot fetish (for example if you request the model in a more daring version, if you require something logistically complicated to shoot, special scenarios or equipment, etc). Anyway, the best thing to do is to contact us to check the details and price.
  • When will I get my video?
    We will tell you a specific day for the shooting and the video will be delivered to you a few days later (sometimes even the same day).